What TMC customers say!

TMC is an amazing place where I shop peacefully for all I want for my home at truly affordable costs. The salesmen too are very friendly and provide all the information needed.
- Mr.Samba Moorthy, Hyderabad

I cannot say enough about what a special place TMC is. From the best range of electronics and home products to attractive discounts and deals, everything about TMC is extraordinary. Love the bumper bonanzas!
- Mr.Anil Kumar, Warangal

TMC keeps getting better and better. I have always been a loyal customer of TMC and have benefited every time I shopped here. No other showroom would do for me. Only TMC!
- Ms. Susheela Reddy, Vijayawada

Just wanted to tell everyone that TMC means a lot to me and my family members. We all shop together for all our personal gadgets and home devices, and it feels wonderful to be able to do that at TMC.
- Mr.Suresh Goud, Hyderabad

Not just great prices, good ambience and friendly service, TMC lives up to the expectations of customers after product sales as well. I can personally vouch for the help and information provided by TMC customer care when I needed it the most. Thanks TMC.
- Mr.Shobhan Raju, Visakhapatnam

It's always a pleasure shopping at TMC. It's cool. I love the pleasant ambience which automatically puts me at ease every time I enter my favourite showroom. The cool deals and bumper prizes too are amazing here. Keep it up TMC.
- Mr.Khaja Pasha, Hyderabad

I have had many memorable shopping experiences at TMC. From my first mixer-grinder 20 years ago to my 50 inch LED TV now, every lifestyle product in my home has been purchased at TMC. I won a lucky draw prize too!
- Mr.Rakesh Yadav, Hyderabad

Oustanding! Truly special! Just awesome! These are some of the words that instantly come to my mind every time I remember my shopping experience at TMC. What more can a customer want!
- Mr.Sreenivas K, Tirupathi

Best price-tags. Best range of household and electronic products. Best shopping environment. TMC is just about best in everything. And yes, the customer service too is up to the mark.
- Mr.Sarathi Suri, Vijayawada

Every time I need a product for my home, I drive straight to TMC. Because I know that only at TMC I will get best possible prices, superior selection and attractive finance schemes to make the purchase hassle-free.
- Gurmeet Singh, Hyderabad

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